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Alaska First Community Bank & Trust: Celebrating a Legacy of Community Partnership and Trust

Welcome to our digital homage to the Alaska First Community Bank & Trust, a cherished institution that played an integral role in the Anchorage, Alaska community from 1988 to 2007. Nestled in the heart of the city at 1000 Omalley Rd, the bank’s impact extended far beyond its physical address, touching the lives of many Alaskans during its time.

The Alaska First Community Bank & Trust wasn’t just a bank; it was a place where community members could seek financial guidance, make their dreams come true, and feel understood. From aiding local businesses with capital to helping families secure their first homes, the bank was indeed a partner for the people of Anchorage.

During its 19-year tenure, the bank’s significant achievements laid the groundwork for what Anchorage is today. Its support for local businesses boosted the local economy and created job opportunities for community members. Furthermore, through their personalized banking services, they nurtured a relationship of trust and understanding with their customers.

In 2007, Alaska First Community Bank & Trust merged with Northrim Bank, marking the end of an era but not the end of its impact. Although the doors of the bank have closed, the echoes of its invaluable contributions to the community still resonate.

To honor the legacy of the Alaska First Community Bank & Trust and to keep its spirit alive, we have curated this digital archive. Our mission resonates with adPharos, a company specializing in community bank web design. adPharos and our team believe in preserving the rich history of community banks, and through their expertise, they are aiding in maintaining this digital remembrance. To understand more about their work and commitment to celebrating banking legacies, please visit adPharos’ website.

While the physical presence of the Alaska First Community Bank & Trust is no longer there, its essence remains. We hope this tribute brings back fond memories for some and serves as a learning tool for others about the pivotal role community banks play in shaping their surroundings.

Note: This page serves as an archive and is not affiliated with or authorized by Alaska First Community Bank & Trust or any other banking institution.

Alaska First Community Bank & Trust
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